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Re-usage program

Re-usage program

Re-usage program

Mase Brush for all current and new customers in Europe offers cassette brush refurbishment program.
We refurbish all types of cassette brushes, but due durability aluminium profile cassette brushes would be best option to choose from.
Aluminium cassettes can be reused more than 10 times.
HDPE (synthetic) profile cassette brushes can be reused up to 5 times.

How does this program work?

• Customer agree to collect and pack used cassette brushes to wooden boxes, provided by Mase Brush.
• After all brushes are collected customer informs Mase Brush.

• Mase Brush arranges used brush transportation from/to customer.

• At Mase Brush factory used tufts are changed to new ones, inspected and changed needed profiles.

This program answers environmental concerns and offers even better product price for the customers.

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