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Core systems

Mase Brush core with loaded cassette brushes makes perfect balanced system which is optimized for efficient runway cleaning. It saves resources, time and requires less manpower. Cores are easy to maintain, brushes are changed without removing the entire brush core from the sweeper.

The cores can be adapted to fit most types of runway sweepers on the market.


Regular core

Regular core

MBC21 R1 is made with precision of one piece extruded aluminum. This ensures that core has less vibration, cassette brushes fits core’s rail perfectly and brush wear will be equal.

Cores are produced with 21 brush rails. Large number of rails increases brush density by 31 % compared to conventional core systems. This provides better cleaning performance and prolongs product life

Request core drawing permission download.

Technical data:

Core length:
Rail quantity:
up to 8,5m
precision straightness


Lightweight core

Lightweight core

MBC20 L5 is lightweight version made in 5 joined pieces. It is brand new advanced prototype core from Mase Brush. Cores are produced with 20 brush rails.

Core weight is more than 30 % less than regular cores which makes difference for sweeper’s dynamics and efficiency.

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