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Company data

Company data
Ojop Sweden AB
Pressargatan 11, 632 29 Eskilstuna, Sweden
Tel:  +46 (0)16 14 73 50
Fax: +46 (0)16 12 14 11
Company code: 556214-0755
VAT code: SE55621045501
Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB)
P.O. Box 1116, SE-631 80 Eskilstuna, Sweden
IBAN SE875 0000 0000 5304 1037 017
Bic/swift: ESSESESS
Company strategy is dynamic expansion to new markets, continuous improvement of products and service quality ensuring company development and financial growth.

During our everyday activities in pursuance to our strategic goals, we follow principles of work:

  • Communicate in a honest, open and simple manner.
  • Timely respond to customers’ requests.
  • Flexible approach to specific product requirements.
  • Carry out strict production quality control.
  • Delivery right products on time.
Mase Brush Sweden AB mission is to provide high quality products and services based on customer needs and expectations.
Mase Brush Sweden AB vision is to become market leader and an obvious choice for its customers.


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