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Cassette brushes

Cassette brushes are produced from highest quality frost resistance HDPE (high density polyethylene) or alumnum profile and filled with steel or polypropylene bristles.
Mase Brush offers several design HDPE profiles in order to ensure snug fit for any sweeper core. Profiles are designed with a joint seal to eliminate wobbling and to reduce wear on core rails. The jointing seal also prevents dirt from coming through.
Brush diameter range is usually between 697mm to 1170mm. Mase Brush customizes cassette brushes length, quantity of bristles per tuft and number of tufts per cassette. Most popular brush dimensions are offered from stock.
Mase Brush is always ready to offer, adapt or develop solutions according to specific customer requirements.

Steel wire

Steel wire

Steel wire cassette brushes ensures excellent snow removal applications especially under ice conditions. Mase Brush uses high quality crimped galvanized wire.

Technical data:

Bekaert Grade C:
Wire Diameter:
Tensile strength:
Corrosion protection:
No. of steel wires/tuft:
0,45 mm, 0,60 mm
2400 – 2750 N/mm²
Zink Flash
280 pcs

Synthetic wire

Synthetic wire

Polypropylene cassette brushes are commonly used in warmer climate regions and gives better results clearing heavy wet snow. These brushes have lower cost and meet customers’ requirements.

Technical data:

Bristle Diameter:Quantity:
Yield point:
Melting point:
Elasticity module:
Force of impact +23°:
Force of impact -20°:
2,2 mm straightapprox. 50 pcs/tuft
900 kg/m³
26 Mpa
10 %
1400 Mpa
34 Kj/m²
4,5 Kj/m²


Aluminum profile

Aluminum profile is extremely durable and can be used equally well with polypropylene or steel bristles. Profile designed to provide maximum support to the tuft holder and to fit all cores on the market. The contact area between the cassette and the core is covered with a plastic sleeve to reduce friction and wear to the core. This type of profile due its longevity is best option to use for brush regeneration.

Please provide information about exact sweeper model used and preferred type of cassette brush, so Mase Brush could offer best product for the job.

Contact us for more information.


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